Red-headed Parrot Finch

For specific questions regarding varieities of pet finches.
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Red-headed Parrot Finch

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What kind of bird is Red-headed Parrot Finch ?

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Re: Red-headed Parrot Finch

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The Red-headed Parrot Finch is a beautiful grassfinch. They are not very common in captivity.
They are not very difficult to keep and breed as well.
They do not do well in cages. However, but thrive wonderfully in an aviary. In the aviary, they are very active and friendly with lots of other bird types.
In the wild, they live in grass and brushlands, as well as abandoned plantations. They eat grass seed they find on the ground as well as climbing the grass stocks and eating the grain still at the top. They also eat insects. This lush environment gives them a large portion of their needs from food and cover, to bedding materials for their nests

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