Dose rate?

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Dose rate?

Post by meru »

I want to know the dose rate for solvita AD3 +E AND solaminovit.
I want to add to my soaked seed thanks!!

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Re: Dose rate?

Post by Kathy »

I use soluminavite on my birds sprouted seed at least two times a week. I got a large baby powder container, the one where you spin the cap to reveal the open holes. My sprouted seed is just dusted over the top and fed out; you will know if they are getting too much by the color of their droppings (orange or yellow) if so cut off on the dusting.
There is no need to put in their drinking water except for sick birds if you have just to taint the pool so you can see it is not clear as the longer it stays in water, the more yellow it gets for some reason. Hope that helps

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