Baby and Johnny’s Budgie Babies

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On this page you can see what is going on inside each of the English Budgie nest boxes at our aviary. Each budgie egg needs to be incubated by mom for an average of 18 days before the chicks start to hatch. Most English Budgie clutches have 4-7 eggs although they can be much larger.

When budgie babies are born they have only a few small feathers and need the heat from their mom to keep warm, but by the time they are a few weeks old they are starting to get feathers like the chick in the picture below!

When the English budgie babies are 3 weeks we take over caring for them and hand feeding starts. They are usually fully weaned and ready for their new homes at 8-10 weeks.

Each budgie baby need lots of nutritious food to grow into a fully grown healthy chick. You can see our feeding program for each breeding pair and their babies on the page Our Budgies Diet.