Blue and Gold Macaw


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Hand-fed and hand-tamed Macaws are available on a very rare basis, please reach out to us prior to placing a deposit for accurate timelines of expected babies. Macaws can mate once a year while others choose every other year. The hand-feeding and rearing time is 4-6 months old. All of our babies are handled and bred to be part of the family. Macaws are large birds that require very large cages. Their diet can be costly and they are not apartment birds due to their ability to be loud. Macaws have 50 plus year lifespans therefore, prior to purchasing one, you will want to consider who will take care of your baby in the event of you being unable to. Large birds are amazing companions but very sensitive and all these factors need to be thought about in advance. Please do your research and we will happily answer your questions honestly to help you make an informed choice for your new companion.

Thank you for choosing us and choosing to be a forever family to our sweet babies.

Terms and Conditions:
Deposit is non-refundable unless at the fault of Bird and Beyond, ie, death or illness of the agreed upon baby bird. In the event there is an issue the deposit will be promptly refunded or at the request of customer deposit could be transferred to another baby if one is available. Although this is an extremely rare situation, we want to have a policy set up in advance, when dealing with any living being, there are unknown variables.

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