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You will fall in love with our sweet Green Quaker parrot baby’s that will be available soon! Also known as Monk Parakeets. Our new babies will start being hand-fed June 20th! We are accepting deposits now. Sweet, handtamed, and handfed. All our babies are raised to really integrate with your family, as we are raising them with our family. Quaker Parrots can be your very best friend. They can be taught an extensive vocabulary and are so much fun. They are usually fully weaned and ready for their new homes at 8-10 weeks. We will keep you updated weekly on the accomplishments and growth of your sweet baby.

Thank you for choosing us and choosing to be a forever family to our sweet babies.

Terms and Conditions:
Deposit is non-refundable unless at the fault of Bird and Beyond, ie, death or illness of the agreed upon baby bird. In the event there is an issue the deposit will be promptly refunded or at the request of customer deposit could be transferred to another baby if one is available. Although this is an extremely rare situation, we want to have a policy set up in advance, when dealing with any living being, there are unknown variables.

Available on backorder

The Quaker parrot (or parakeet) is also known as the Monk parakeet. A parakeet is simply a small parrot. These bright, colorful little birds can be good talkers and make terrific pets. Our Green Quaker is adorable and affectionate.

Quakers are some of the most popular pet birds. Quite small for a parrot, they grow to about 12 inches from head to the tip of their tail, and can live up to 30 years. Quakers love to chew and need plenty of toys and treats, which you should change out frequently to keep them healthy and happy.

Origin and History of quaker parrots:

Native to a small portion of South America, the Quaker parrot’s range extends from central Bolivia and southern Brazil into parts of central Argentina. They typically live in the woodlands and are known for building strong community bonds.

They are the only parrot known to build nests. These birds spend a lot of time creating elaborate dwellings from twigs and branches. Their nests even have multiple rooms. Flocks of Quaker parrots will often build nests right next to each other to create Quaker communities. Some nest communities can grow to the size of a car.

A hardy bird, feral colonies of Quaker parrots also live in many urban areas throughout the world. In some places, particularly the southern U.S., wild Quaker populations pose a risk to crops and native bird species. Dallas Texas has one of biggest community of wild quaker parrots.

Temperament of quaker parrots:

Quakers aka monk parakeet are very confident and social birds by nature. These birds are delightfully entertaining; they’re like little clowns. They have the personality of large birds in a little bird’s body. Bold and outgoing, they tend to chatter a lot and are known for their exceptional talking ability. These little guys need just as much attention as bigger parrots.

In captivity, quaker parrots tend to bond very closely with one person and are known for their loyal nature. Once you develop a connection with a Quaker parrot, you will enjoy years of companionship. They enjoy cuddling and petting on the head, and you can look forward to excited squeaks that greet you when you get home. Most handfed Quaker parrots are quite gentle and can many make excellent pets for children.

Speech and Vocalizations of monk parakeet:

Most monk parakeet develop a vast vocabulary and can even put together multiple phrases. Mimicking sounds and singing are other talents of this little beauty. Green quaker aka monk parakeets are little chatterboxes, especially when you get more than one bird in a room.

The loudness of this parrot is subjective. Some owners say that it’s a quiet bird, while others think they’re too noisy. They do not make ear piercing screams like other parrots, but they will call out on occasion. Their noise level should not bother the neighbors.

Quaker Parrots for sale:

Bird and beyond has wide variety of quaker parrots or sale. If you are looking for great quaker parrot price get in touch with us and will try our best to find you best deal on green quaker or any other parrots.

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