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Not sure which pair you want a baby from? That’s okay, you can choose to leave a deposit and we will follow up with as the babies hatch, grow, color out, and we determine gender. Sometimes you just have to wait for the bird that speaks to you!

The babies shown in the gallery are a variety of our babies from different parents.

Our Budgies Diet.


Budgerigar aka English Budgies

The budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus) aka common pet parakeet, shell parakeet, and informally nicknamed the Budgie, is a small, long-tailed, seed-eating parrot. Our hand tamed english budgies for sale make stunning pets birds. Budgerigar Parakeets, are the only species in the Australian genus Melopsittacus, and are found wild throughout the drier parts of Australia where the species has survived harsh inland conditions for the last five million years. English Budgies are naturally green and yellow with black, scalloped markings on the nape, back, and wings, but have been bred in captivity with coloring in blues, whites, yellows, greys, and even with small crests. Budgies are popular pets around the world due to their small size, low cost, and ability to mimic human speech. The origin of the Budgerigar’s name is unclear. The species was first recorded in 1805, and today is the third most popular pet in the world, after the domesticated dog and cat. English budgies are one of the parakeet species, a non-taxonomical term that refers to any of a number of small parrots with long, flat and tapered tails. In both captivity and the wild, budgerigars breed opportunistically and in pairs.

Budgerigar Coloring:

Coloring can vary from images posted, as they can range from a very soft color to more vivid coloring. Violet budgies are my favorite color although I love all kind of budgies.


Budgie Song / Call:

Click here for the Budgerigar’s Song

Budgie Size: 5″-6″

Sexing Budgie: Monomorphic (visually difficult to sex). DNA testing is available to ensure desired gender.

Life Span of English Budgie: 10-15 Years

Temperament of pet budgie: Budgies are very easy to tame if acquired at a young age. They are very playful and active, and quieter than most other parrots. After the domesticated dog and cat, these sweet parakeets are the third most popular pet in the world, even available to mimic human speech.

Breeding: Budgie breeding is a relatively easy process but requires experience gained overtime.

Diet: Parakeet Seed, Australian Blend Golden feast. Budgies also love millets.

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