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Angel and Humphrey’s babies are WAITLIST only at this time. If you have questions, feel free to email us or you can message us directly via Facebook Messenger to the bottom right of this page.

Angel and Humphrey are awesome parents! They give beautiful grey and the occasional cobalt blue baby’s. Usually, males. Angel is a Texas Clearbody mutation, because it is a sex-linked gene, only her son’s can pass the gene visually to their young. Some of you may have followed our page or channel and love Moto Moto. He is Angel and Humphrey’s son. All of their young are very large in size with floofy heads. Their overall demeaner is very friendly and love having a person as a companion but also get along great with our budgies.

Angel and Humphrey are not due to begin breeding again until Mid-July 2020. You may join the waitlist for one of their sweet babies, we will only accept three at this time so that Angel and Humphrey get a good long rest after their clutch. The pictures in this gallery are of babies that have already found their forever home but will give you a good idea of what to expect.

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