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Rosie Bourkes are stunning, beautiful, sweet, and quiet. We just love their amazing calm personality.



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Bourke’s Parrots aka rosey bourke parakeet, Rosey Bourkes or Bourke Grass Keets
The Bourke’s Parakeets (Neopsephotus Bourkii) are endangered in their own homeland of Southwestern and Central Australia, but are popular in aviculture. They are readily available in the United States and relatively inexpensive.

The rosey bourke parakeet has recently been removed from the Neophema genus and placed in a genus of its own. Some discussions about this change are still on going.

The natural color of the rosey bourke’s parakeet Parakeet is basically brown, with pink abdomen, pinkish breast and a blue rump. The legs are dark-brown, with zygodactyl toes (the toes are arranged in pairs, the second and third toes pointing forward; the other two toes pointing backwards). The bill is yellowish brown.

This parakeet can be visually sexed. Adult males have blue brown crowns while adult hens have white brows and hens and juveniles have a full grey head.

Rosey bourke parakeet Size:

The average size for this species is 71/2 inches (19 cm).


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Rosey Bourke parakeet Breeding / Aviculture:

These parakeets are quiet, gentle and unassuming, with very endearing personalities. They are not known to be aggressive with other species. In our avairy they get along just fine with gouldian and society inches. However, their gentle nature may make them an easy mark for aggressive birds.

Rosey bourke parakeet do well in planted aviaries, they are not likely to destroy any woodwork and breed readily. They will accept any parakeet nest box, as high up as possible to give them some sense of security and privacy. Providing more boxes than pairs will reduce the bickering over the favorite boxes.

The average clutch consists of 3 to 6 eggs, which are incubated by the female for 18-19 days. The young bourke fledge when they are about 4 weeks old. The female also feeds and tends to the chicks by herself. While the female Bourke’s Parrot is incubating the eggs, and also while she is feeding the chicks in the nest, she is fed by the male.

Life Expentancy of Rosey bourke parakeet:

The expected lifespan is 10-15 years. However, some well-cared birds have surpassed this lifespan by several years.

Rosey Bourke parakeet Diet:

The diet for the Bourke should include a mixture of canary seeds and millets along with safflower and some sunflower seeds. Kale, boiled egg, spray millet, broccoli, grated carrot, corn and chopped apple can also be offered. We have offered other fruits and veggies but the above seem to be the ones they normally chose to eat.

Rosey bourke parakeet accept sprouted or germinated seeds and prefer them over fruits and fresh vegetables.


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