Turquoise Green Cheek Conure


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Sweet hand-fed and hand-tamed turquoise green cheek conure . The personality is exploding out of this baby! Hatch date June 18, 2020.

Turquoise green cheek conure:

A turquoise green cheek conure bird is a medium sized parrot that can grow up to 25 inches long from head to tail. Green check conure are native to Central and South America, but they have been introduced worldwide. These parrot birds are known for their beautiful colors and their ability to mimic human speech patterns.

Turquoise Green cheek conures are highly cuddly, inquisitive, interative, bold, and engaging birds. Like other sun or any other type of conures, green cheek conure can be playful and affectionate. The singing voices of green cheek conure are softer than many Conures.

Turquoise Green Cheek Consure Facts:

  • Thrive on frequent human interaction, so be sure to set aside time for your companion each day
  • Although not known for their talking ability, this does not deter them from trying to mimic their pet parent. I have seen turquoise green cheek conure talking.
  • Enjoy a mixture of parrot toys for foraging and chewing, which provide important mental stimulation for these beautiful birds.
  • Ensure toys are strongly attached as they can unscrew c-clamps, which can cause injury
  • Green cheek conures can be kept alone to bond with pet parent or in pairs to bond with each other. If you are not experienced with parrots its good NOT to house different type of parrots together.
  • Like any other conures, turquoise green cheek conure should also be socialized daily by the pet parent

Thank you for choosing us and choosing to be a forever family to our sweet babies.

Terms and Conditions:
Deposit is non-refundable unless at the fault of Bird and Beyond, ie, death or illness of the agreed upon baby bird. In the event there is an issue the deposit will be promptly refunded or at the request of customer deposit could be transferred to another baby if one is available. Although this is an extremely rare situation, we want to have a policy set up in advance, when dealing with any living being, there are unknown variables.

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