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Your precious Budgie(s) can be a challenging bird to find the perfect cage for!!!

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What’s The Best Budgie Cage Size?

When choosing the best-sized cage for your Budgie, you need to consider adequate space for them to fly, hop, eat, drink, play, and go to the restroom. This may add up to a lot more space than you originally considered!

If you have a single Budgerigar, any small-sized enclosure with 1/2″ bar spacing and internal space with minimum dimensions of 18″ (Wide) x 18″ (Deep) x 24″ (Height) will work just fine.

However, if you have two or more Budgies, your goal should be to find the largest enclosure you can find with bar spacing no wider than 1/2″!

As you probably know, Budgies love being active and they are very social birds, so an open enclosure with numerous perches and “play spots” is perfect. Flight cages, which are wider than they are deep, are ideal for your little parrot to stretch their wings.

Check out one of the hand-picked options from our team of experts at has gathered for you below:

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