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Our mission is to provide a forum that cultivates a sense of community and thereby nurtures a supportive, family friendly learning environment where anyone (no matter how inexperienced with pet birds) can feel secure in sharing and engaging in an open and civilized exchange of ideas, for the betterment of our birdkeeping and the advancement of our hobby.

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Is a bird the right pet for you?

Keeping a caged bird within your home necessitates being able to dedicate an area of your house or flat to them, and accepting and welcoming your bird’s presence into many aspects of your home life. Birds need a lot of stimulation and interaction with their owners to keep them happy and well, and they are not the kind of animals that you can simply feed quickly while on the run and ignore in the main part for large parts of the week. Birds are empathic and quick to pick up on the moods and feelings of their owners, and when they are unhappy or are not receiving enough attention, can quickly become depressed and prone to a range of stress-related health conditions.

Little birds can add a real boost of joy to any home. They love to forage, tweet, sing, and chirp. They require significantly less human interaction than their larger counterparts. I have found that still enjoy being talked to and show a real curiosity in me. Most of your finch and canary breeds are fairly easy to care for and also offer a real piece of nature in your home.
Small Birds are slightly easier to care for than your medium to large birds, however, they still have needs greater than what many know. Small birds such as budgies or lovebirds love fresh veggies, herbs, and fruits in addition to their seed diet. They will love to be with their favorite human and let you know what is on their mind too! Generally, their little love nips are easier to take than the larger breeds. Another nice feature of a smaller companion is the size of the cage required fits easily nearly anywhere. Smaller birds have a life span of up to 20 years in some cases.
Medium sized birds and parrots make the sweetest friend. Like smaller birds and larger parrots, these friends can have a long life span of up to 30 years in some breeds. They also require a daily diet of more than seed. As with larger parrots they will require entertainment, space to move around and play, busy activity, and their favorite will be time with their family. All birds have seasonal hormones and can get really moody during this time. Your otherwise sweet little lovebug can give nips during this time and not want anything to do with you but rest assured, it passes.
Large Parrots can be AMAZING companions and your best friend. When considering bringing a large parrot home as part of your family, you need to keep in mind that their lifespan is 30 – 60 years. So this is a lifelong commitment for both of you. Parrots are much like people, they have their favorite friends, toys, forms of entertainment, smells, food, and can also get moody! They love to be heard and be center of attention too. As with any bird, Avian vets are not the most affordable, nor is the daily diet for these awesome friends. By no means, are we suggesting to avoid a large parrot. However; it’s critical that you know the facts BEFORE you bring home your new BFF.


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