Birds For Sale Gallery

Thank you for visiting Bird and Beyond bird for sale gallery. On this page you will find many beautiful pet birds raised by us. 90 percent plus of these birds were for sale at one point but have already found amazing new families. Some of the birds on this gallery are permanent resident of bird and beyond. Rosie an african grey is one of many. Please share this page with social media. We will highly appreciate your support. Thank you

Everything you need to now about cockatiel diet

The health and vitality of your Cockatiel depends entirely on the right kind of diet.The perfect diet not only means the right amount but also the right combination ofthe essential nutrients required by your Cockatiel. We need to be even morecareful about the...

13 Fun Facts About Macaws | Bird and Beyond

1. Macaws Can Live More Than 80 YearsMacaws live to be around 60 years in the wild on average, and in some cases this can extend for up to 80 years and even as long as 100 years. When kept as pets, macaws are often known for outliving their owners! In the wild, their...

15 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Budgies

15Frequently Asked Questions.Here are some most common questions about bugies. When people refer to an "English" budgie they are generally talking about a budgie that is significantly bigger than the wild Australian budgerigar and with characteristics and features...

All you need to know about Budgerigar

Budgerigars are among the most popular pet birds for good reason. These charismatic little parakeets are loveable and affectionate. They are easy to tame if they are acquired at a young age and are able to mimic speech like larger parrots. Budgies are easy to care for...

How to choose right budgie or parakeet?

A duck is a duck is a duck !!! but a budgie is a budgerigar is a keet is a parakeet at least to the average person. Most people are confused as to whether a budgie is a parakeet, or a parakeet is a budgie or whether they are entirely different birds. In the United...
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