Our Birds Nursery

Baby season is here and our availability changes daily. Please contact us to ensure we still have a particular baby hand tamed parrot or any other exoitic bird.

Hand Tamed English Budgies

Starting at $75

Stunning blue, aqua, green, yellow, and Albino budgies. Many color varieties! Please message for availability and photos.Deposit required for all hand tamed babies.


$75 – $125

Beautiful male and female canaries for sale in Texas. The males are amazing singers! Individual photos upon request.

Lady Gouldian Finch

$100 – $200

Stunning Lady Gouldian Finches available at certain times of the year. Green backs, Blue Backs, and Yellow Backs.

Scarlet Breasted Parakeet – wait list


Hand tamed Scarlet Breasted Parakeets – grass parakeets. Currently on a wait list only. A deposit is required to be on the wait list.

most scarlet-chested parakeets are tame, loving pets. However, these birds are among the more temperamental types of parakeets that may not enjoy handling as much as other types of birds.

You can train a scarlet-chested parakeet to be comfortable with handling. Except for some outliers, it is not a bird known for doing tricks or talking.

Scarlet-chested parakeets can make excellent companions for the right people.

Hand tamed LoveBirds

We raise hand tamed lovebirds and have them available at various times of the year. A deposit is required to hold a baby.

Scarlet Breasted Parakeet – wait list

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Shop the Sale

Check out our t shirts selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces PRE-SALE Parrot TShirt, Budgies shirt, parrot Tee. You will also find custom created limited edition mugs only for parrot lovers. All parrot t shirts are also limited edition and cann’t be found anywhere in shops or on web.