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Pet birds have many amazing characteristics and they are so amazing.

There are alot of things about them,that only bird owners can understand.

Read this article to learn the things only bird owners really know, and why our feathered friends are just like a part of a family.

1.You get pooped by your bird daily but you don’t care

Mostly people get freaked out if a bird pooped on them,but for the bird owner this is something regular.

2.You take bath with your bird

Daily shower is a private time to get oneself prepared for the day ahead.But this is not the case with the bird owners.

Birds love to get soaked with water.So,many bird owners bring their birds in the washroom when they take a shower.why waster water and time with a separate bath? Right?

3.Your Bird Eats Good Food Then You

You will eat whatever is easy and convenient for you .But this is not the case with your birds.Your birds fruits and vegetables are all homegrown and organic.Bird owners have separate portion of food drawer in their fridge for their birds.

4.You’d Rather Talk More To Your Bird Than Your Family Members

It is truth and known fact that many birds are better conversationalists than far away relatives.Even if your bird just knows a few simple pharses or words.Talking to your bird is way better than talking to your uncle or your love life partner.

5.You Have a “Quiet Room,” So Your Bird Can’t Break Up Your Phone Calls

If you have ever taken your call from your bedroom closet or from inside your kitchen pantry.There is a good possibility that you have a pet bird.Some pet birds are so addicted to laugh,quake or mimic .Due to this ,many people have a separate quiet room where they can take their calls in peace and quiet.

6.Your Bird Has Many Toys Compare To Your Kids Toys


It is fact that bird toys are expensive.They are not cheap at all.Many bird owners spend $15 on a toy their bird will destroy within a week .So they don’t mind spending their money on those toys.

7.Your Bird’s Cage Is Basically a Palace


Your bird’s cage is totally tricked out with the highest quality powder-coated steel wire.It is a palace for your birds.It is your bird’s enetrainement room or you can call it gym.

8.Your Bird Gets More Attention Than Anyone Else in the House


If you have a bird at home ?Do you have an idea how much she/he adores getting attention. If you are having some friends at home for dinner?She will sing a song or dance to get attention.She would scream aloud.It is wise that you do not forget to give her attention for a few minutes first.

9.Your Bird’s Destroying Is Worse Than Your Dog’s

It is true that doggies get all the blame for terrible destroying,but the fact is ,your bird is just as bad as your dogie. Your bird will chew every thing from shoes to clothes.It can even destroy !!.

10.Your Bird Is a Better Dancer Than You

Your bird can dance better than you.Music,television or even human speaking can inspire a bird to dance and show off his best moves.

11.Your Pet is the best greeter when you come home


When you come back to home from work.There is nothing better than greeting your pretty bird and hanging out with her on your shoulder.One get relaxed with her wonderful way of greeting.

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