Bird's Life span

If you have adopted a baby bird,you can expect to spend many years with your new pet. Bird’s Life span depends on various factors, however, some of which are out of a bird owner’s control.


The major factor in identifying your Bird’s Life span is it’s species.It is true that birds have long life span,some live more longer than others.Budgies and cockatiels can live for up to twenty years.They have a shorter life span than other kinds of larger birds like parrots and macaws.Parrots and Macaws can live for hundred years in captivity.Environmental factors are not judged when determining the life spans of these species.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors do play important role when considering the .In order to provide the best and happy life to your bird,you must do what you are capable of to control environmental risks to your pet’s health.By following these tips you can help your bird to get most out of life.

1.Healthy diet:

Healthy diet is as important for birds as it is for human bodies.Giving your bird a varied diet rich of healthy,fresh foods will make sure that your bird is taking proper vitamin,in order to support the body and produce a natural immunity to sickness and diseases.

2.Good Hygiene:

If you will practice good hygiene,it will surely reduce your bird’s risk of viral infection and dieseases.When yur bird will be at low risk of bacterial or viral infections you bird will live its full life spam.Good hygiene includes washing your hands every time you handle your pet bird,always keep birds cages clean.When you are sick avoid contact with your pet birds.

3.Veterinary check ups:

It is really important to have regular vet check ups of your bird even if he or she does not get sick.Birds are very good at hiding their illness and injuries.Any symbol of weekness will make them the predator target,so nature has made them to evolve to be good at covering things when they are not feeling good.A qualified vet can only notice that your bird may be suffering from a health issue.So it i necessary for a bird owner to stay in touch with vet.Taking vet appointments is ideal for pet birds health,to ensure that your bird lives a long and healthy life.

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