If your kid has asked for a pet bird.It is necessary to find a bird that can coexist well with your child.There are many things to keep in mind before bringing a bird into your home.It includes care requirements,social needs,noise level and off coarse the cost.


Pet Birds

Finches and canaries are at the top on the list of pet birds that are best for kids because they need minimal interaction.These birds are easy to care.Young children love these birds because they are interesting to watch and they provide very soothing music with their soft chirps and chatter.Finches do not need too much human interaction.So if you decide to keep a finch,get two or more for them to have some company.Most people train their finches and canaries to allow handling.Most of these birds should not be kept out of their cage.If your children really craves for a bird then you can either keep a budgie or cockatiel.Finches are delicate,gentle and charming birds to keep them pet in your home.They provide educational and entertaining experience for children.You can find finches at local animal shelters and rescue groups.

Budgies or Parakeets

Pet Birds

Budgies proper name is “budgerigar”.These birds are second on the list of best pet birds for children.These little birds can provide a great fun for your young ones.They are easy to care.They can learn to talk.They have soft personalities.They get bond with their owners very strongly.Choose a budgie if your child wants a pet that will really be their best companion.Hand fed budgies are very sweet .As budgies are tiny and delicate birds,so children should be taught safe bird handling.Budgies diet include leafy green vegetables,some seed and a formulated pelleted diet.An all seed diet is not healthy for budgies.The average life spam of budgies is around 5 to 10 years.A healthy diet plays a major role in the budgies long life.


Pet Birds

Cockatiels are larger in size.They are larger than finches and budgies.However they are still amongst the best pet birds for children.Cockatiels do well with those children who give time to interact with them.The enjoy their time when they are out of cage.They need more attention as compare to finches and budgies.So choose a cockatiel for a kid who really wish to keeps birds and who can give time to cockatiel.

Cockatiel care responsibilities include a balanced diet,providing fresh water every day,cleaning of the cage and above all interacting with the cockatiel.Your child might need supervision while completing these tasks.

Children can learn alot from caring a bird like a cockatiel.There are many cockatiel available for adoption.You can contact your area’s animal shelters and pet rescues for all kind of information about whether a cockatiel is right fit for you and your child.

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