Quaker parrots are known for their fun loving,energetic and spunky nature.As they need alot of attention that is why not every one can meet their care needs.A Quaker parrot can make an affectionate and entertaining companion.It is really important to fully understand this charming parrot species before you bring a Quaker into your home.

1.Quaker Are Known By Several Names

Quaker Parrots

Commonly these birds are called quaker parrots.Quaker birds have other alternative names as well.You will sometimes hear the species referred to as quaker parakeets,monk parrots or monk parakeets.The scientific name of the species is Myiopsitta monachus.

People say that quakers got their name because of the grey on the front of their necks that looks like an old fashioned quaker bib.But most of the people point the quaker’s name to the bird’s distinctive”quaking” motions.These birds quake in a special way when they are excited.Baby quakers quake when they are asking for food

2.Quaker Parrots have Long Life Spam

quaker parrots

Like other parrots species quaker parrots have a long life spam in captivity.Average life spam of a quaker parrot is between 20 and 30 years.Some quaker parrots can live even more than 30 years with quality care provided.

If you want to keep a Quaker,make sure that you have a plan to care for this bird for it’s whole life.Quakers are social species. In fact some times Quakers might become aggressive to unhealthy behaviors like feather plucking.Feather plucking is when they feel neglected or they are stressed,which is generally the case when they lose their home.

3.Quaker Parrots Are Marvelous Talkers

If you are searching for a bird that can talk,then a Quaker parrot is the best choice for you.Quakers are known for their outstanding ability to replicate human speech.Not only they can learn the different vocabulary of words and sounds,they also tend to able to speak very clearly.

4.Quakers Are Reasonably Small

Some people might be discouraged from undertaking a parrot because they think that they are large birds that need huge amount of space.However,quakers are just one of many types of medium sized birds that justify that notion wrong.Quakers are normally eleven to twelve inches tall and weigh three to five ounces.

Although it is right that all birds require as spacious of an enclosure as possible,plus space outside of the enclosure to play,quakers and small sized species can do good with less space than a large bird like macaw.Always make sure that your quaker’s housing is durable and avian safe.As these birds are famous for chewing and they learn how to open cage doors.They have very good nest building skill.So along with toys,provide them bird safe materials with which they can make a nest if they desire.

5.Quakers Require Mix Diet

Like some other bird species like cockatoos and Amazons,quaker parrots become over weight if their diet is not carefully monitored.Along with healthy seed mix,provide them fresh vegetables,fruits and nuts.

One time millet sprig is typically fine as a treat for a healthy bird. But do not overdo it with fattening nuts and seeds, such as peanuts and sunflower seeds, in Quaker’s diet. These treats can cause fast weight gain when offered freely.