Macaws are amongst the most easily recognizable birds in the parrot family.Due to their beautiful colors ,these birds are kept as pets for many years. In this article i will share some interesting facts about these colorful members of the parrot family.

1.Macaws are the largest parrots

There are more then 370 different kinds of parrots.Macaws are the largest.Their weight is usually between two and four pounds.which is quiet bulky for a bird.The largest is the hyacinth macaw.It height is three and a half feet long from the beak to the tip of the tail.

2.They live a long life

If these birds get good take care,some species like blue and gold can live for 60 years.It is also recorded that some even lived up to 80 years and even more.

Those who want to adopt these parrots.They are strongly cautioned that they have to commit enough time to take care of this pet.

3.They have many varieties


They have many varieties.The smallest macaws are known as mini macaws.These only grow to the size of 12 inches,that is why they are called mini macaws.They are about the size of medium sized conure or large parakeet.It does not matter how big or small there are,all have few common characteristics.The most common is the bare rings of skin around their eyes.This is the major recognizable feature among the macaws.

4.It is possible to breed hybrid macaws


As many different varieties of macaws as there are naturally, breeders in the pet trade have also been able to breed bold and colorful hybrid macaws.

Examples of hybrid macaws are the Catalina macaw, the harlequin macaw, and the Camelot macaw. These birds have been marvelous popular among pet owners.Many people are against the breeding of hybrid, since these birds do not occur naturally in the wild.

5.They are Very Strong


Hyacinth macaws are very strong.They have great strength in their beaks that they can crack a coconut shell.

In spite of their impressive strength, They are also knows as the “gentle giants” of the macaw world due to their sweet and affectionate dispositions, especially when brought up as hand-fed babies.

Other types also have strong and impressive beaks, making them a force to be reckoned with during acts of aggression . This is a main reason why they are usually recommended only for those who have experience in keeping large parrots.

They require social interaction and socialization so they don’t grow bored. A bored macaw will chew on any wood it can find, and with its powerful beaks, this can cause serious destruction.

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