If your are searching for a way to cut down on your bird’s veterinary bills.And at the same time keep your bird in tip top shape as well.The solution to all this lies is in your kitchen pantry.This article is all about the most common bird safe foods that are know to be both healthy and delicious.These foods could possibly help your bird build a strong immune system.`


Oranges contain vitamin C.Nutrition experts have figured out that taking vitamin C can help fight cold and other types of illnesses.Oranges and other citris fruits boost the level of natural anti bodies in bird’s system.In fact ,it can also increase your bird’s production of white blood cells.

Sun Flower Seeds


Feeding your bird sunflower seeds is also economical and natural way to build up your bird’s immunity against diseases.As sun flower seeds contain highest natural sources of vitamin E,another important fuel for your pet to build up anti bodies and strong cells.Most pet bird species love to eat sun flower seeds.As sun flower seeds are good for your birds .On the other hand as they are rich in fat.Over consumption of these seeds can cause some birds ,for example Cockatoos,to weight gain.



You must have heard this that carrots are good for your health.Did you ever wonder why?The answer is because carrots are full of beta carotene.Beta carotene can do wonders for your health.One example is that it is well know that beta carotene can help in impoving your eye sight.It also improve circulation and heart function,you can even work to keep cancer cells at bay.Same results can be produce if this vegetable is given to your bird regularly.So you must add this in your bird’s daily diet menu.



Chillies are favorite food of many pet birds.Hot and spicy chillies also help in building up your pet’s immune system.In this way they remain healthy and happy.Chillies have possitive effect on the bird’s respiratory system.Many experts have found out that bird’s taste buds are not capable of picking up on the hot bite of a pepper’s juices.So,you should not worry that your pet bird will find chillies too hot when eating.

Fresh Green Food


In your pet’s diet make sure you get them alot of fresh greens like spinach and kale.Birds love to eat green food .If you feed your pet with green leafy food .Green food is best source of Vitamin A.

In short remember this rule,if a food is good for you,then no doubt it will be good for your pet bird as well.Feeding your pet with a variety of fresh fruits,vegetables will keep your pet healthy and active.

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