Bird keepers say that their feathered freinds are second to none in terms of great companions.It is true that birds are not for every body.Bird owners face totally different types o problems than do owners of more commonl kept pet such as cats or dogs.So there are some things to keep in mind before buying a bird.

1.Birds can be loud

For some birds keepers their pets’ vocalizations is a beautiful music; others simply accept that it is an inevitable side effect of owning a pet bird. While many birds emit vocalizations that can be soothing and pleasant,. Take this factor into consideration before buying a bird.

2.Birds can be untidy

Bird owners must know that birds can be messy, they will waste huge portion of their food, and will most likely have a wonderful time launching various tidbits out from between the bars of their cages to the floor below. Birds have these messy eating habits because that is how nature has designed them — in the wild, your bird’s mess would help provide food to countless creatures living beneath the trees. Cleaning up around a bird’s cage daily is not easy for every one.. The best point is that, this kind of mess normally cleans up fast with a blast from a vacuum or a few strokes of a brush.

3.Birds need consistent socialization

things to keep in mind before buying a bird

In contrast to domesticated animals like cats and dogs, birds are basically wild and need to be handled and socialized daily to remain tame. If you are planning of owning a bird, you should check your daily schedule and routine to see if you have the time that your feathered friend will need. Birds do awesome with static routines that they can follow all day. If your schedule makes such a structure unacceptable, then a bird may not be the best pet for you.

4.Birds need special kind of diet

things to keep in mind before buying a bird

Keeping a healthy bird is not as simple as putting its bowl full of seed. To keep your pet in the best shape possible, a plentiful and diverse helping of fresh fruits and vegetables must be provided daily. Fresh foods provide unsurpassed nutrition, experiencing various tastes and textures can boost up your bird’s mind, effecting psychological benefits.

5.Birds can be harmful

things to keep in mind before buying a bird

Birds most prominent feature,its beak,keep on growing throught out the bird’s whole life.It must be worn down to avoid over growth.For beak maintenance,exercise is necessary for birds jaw muscles.For this purpose they need to chew.For this birds owner should provide stuff or food for chewing.

If a bird is on your table of potential pets then provide your pet fun toys to rip,shred and destroy.In this way your bird will not destroy soemthing that is not his or dangerous and toxic.

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