Tips To Clean Your Bird's cage
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Cleaning your bird’s cage is a tiring chore.It can be a hard work for new bird owners to figure out where to begin.

Breaking the cleaning process into simple tasks to be completed daily,weekly and monthly not just saves your time and energy.It also ensures that your bird has always a clean cage to live in.

Daily Cleaning

Messy cages can lead to severe health issues in birds.By following these simple tasks daily your bird’s cage will stay in top condition.It will also minimize the risk of pet’s infection.

1.Change the cage liner: It not healthy for birds to walk on discarded food and droppings.Unchanged papers also have a unpleasan smell.You can avoid these issues by replacing the liner of your bird’s cage daily.

2.Clean Food and Water Dishes:Take away your bird’s food and water bowls regularly and wash them with a dish washing detergent.By doing this,it will prohibit the growth of bacteria that can possibly harm your pet.Always rinse them thoroughly and dry them completely before putting them back in your bird’s cage.

3.Clean the surfaces: Clean the surfaces of the cage by using the damp cloth or towel.You can use a bird -safe cage cleaner to clean tough and stubborn messes.

Weekly Cleaning

Plan one day in a week to do weekly cage cleaning.By doing these tasks it will help to mininize the chance of germs and bacteria.

1.Wash the Cage’s Tray:Birdcages have a tray .Cage liners are placed on this cage.It is at the bottom.This tray must be removed weekly and cleaned with a damp cloth and cage cleaner.Always completely dry this tray before putting the liners back in .

2.Remove and scrub the Grate: Birds cages have a grate that hangs suspended over the tray ,in order to let the droppings fall through to the bottom. This grate must be scrubbed and wiped thoroughly at least once in a week to remove any dry droppings that gets collected on it.The best and easiest way to clean this grate is to put it in a bath tub and use a scrub brush to clean the waste. Always make sure that it is completely dry before placing it back in the cage.

3.Clean and change the perches: Perches also get dirty .They are potential breeding ground for bacteria.These must be cleaned once in a week to remove any germs .If you have woden perches ,they will take more time to dry ,so it is ideal to keep extra perches as a back up.You can put these in your bird’s cage while the others are getting dry.

4.Clean Bird’s Toys:Birds use their mouth to play with their toys. Any toys in a pet’s cage must be removed weekly and cleaned with damp cloth or wash them with detergent.

Monthly Cleaning

You must do a thorughly cleaning of whole cage ,atleast once in a month.If your cage is not very big,you can remove the perches,toys,dishes,grate and tray.After removing all these accessories place the cage in the bath tub.If you have a larger cage you can take it outside and use a water hose to spray the cage off.You can do any thing that works best for you.But make sure to follow these tips down below:

1.Use a Good scrub Brush:Purchase a sturdy brush with good bristles to scrub the bars and cage base.A cage cleaner should be used for the material that is hard to get off.

2.Rinse and Dry completley:Keep this in mind that you must rinse every inch of cage fully,When your cage is cleaned fully wiped it off with a dry cloth.Because birds get chilled very easily,so it is very important to make sure that the cage is dry completely.

It takes effort to maintain a clean environment for your pets.It can no doubt add years to your bird’s life.Cleaning and washing your bird’s cage might seem a hard work,but if you stick to this simple schedule that i ave told you ,you can do it in a minimal time and effort.Always do your part to keep your pets stay healthy ,happy and comforatble by keeping their cages clean and germs free.

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