Ways to Find Your Bird a New Home

There comes time in bird owners life that they have to give up their birds for financial,health reasons or relocating to a home that does not allow pets.If, for any reason you can not keep your bird now,Down below are given the ways to find your bird a new home.

1.Contact Local Bird Rescues

Exotic bird rescues are the best place to begin. There are some recues who are specialist in matching birds to a cool new owner. While others provide a sanctury setting which offers a forever home for birds kept in their care.Any way,letting your feathered bird move to a rescue is best way .At bird rescues your bird will get good care and interaction.

2.List Your Bird for Adoption

If you don’t feel comfortable in sending your bird to bird recues you can place a classifies ad online or in news paper of your community.In this way you will have the chance to conduct an interview with the person who want to adopt your bird.

If you do decide to list your bird for adoption in this way, remember to beware of listing your bird as “free to a good home.” Asking for a reasonable adoption fee will help assure that your bird’s new owner will take best care of your feathered friend.

3.Check With Your Avian Vet

Your avian vet is a helpful resource, when you’ve decided that you want to find your bird a new home. Ask your vet if he or she would be happy in taking your bird, or he/she knows anyone that would be able to give your pet a loving home. Possibilities are that your avian vet has many connections within the avian community, and will at the very least be able to point you toward people or resources that will help you rehome your feathered friend.

4.Get In Touch With Your Local Bird Club or Aviculture Society

There are chances that memebers of your local bird club or aviculture society will be willing to adopt your bird.For this purpose you can visit a bird club in your area,you can meet the club memebers and ask around to locate people that may be willing to adopt your bird.In this way you will be able to find your bird a home.Some memebers will even allow you to come and see your bird in future as well.

5.Ask friends and family memebers

It’s perfect for you to keep a relationship with your bird,even if you can do not keep him in your home.In this situation ,it’s best to ask friends or family memebers if they like to take custody of your pet bird.If you find a close friend or family memeber who is willing to dopt your bird,it is great for you because your bird will receive best care in a stable and loving environment.

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