Words And Phrases To Teach Your Parrot
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Many birds species are able to copy the human speech,but amongst all the species parrots are masters in this ability.Often parrot owners do not know what types of words and phrases are best to teach their pets.Always begin with the basics to check what kind of learning ability your parrot possesses.


Hello is almost the first word every bird owner try to teach their parrots. The reason is that the word “hello” is small and easy for birds to utter. It is also a great starting to teach your bids an excellent vocabulary.

With any bird training exercise,it is necessary to be patient with your bird and do repetitions regularly. Some kinds of parrots are quick at talking than others like African grey parrots, Amazon parrots, cockatoos and cockatiels.


Another good way to encourage speech in parrots is to teach your bird to say it’s own name. It is a name that it will hear many times daily .When your bird learns its name, the try to teach it to say your name or the names of other family members or other pets that you have at home. You will be amazed at how quickly your bird say names,

Teaching your bird to say its own name is a good way to encourage speech in parrots. A bird’s name is a word that they will hear many times per day throughout their lifetime, so it is only natural that they would try to vocalize it themselves.

Once your bird learns its name, try teaching it to say your name or the names of other pets or family members. You may be surprised at how readily your bird picks up on calling out to you and others.

3.Hungry And Thirsty

If you talk to parrots in prospective,they will be able to learn what some words actully mean.Like if you are trying to encourage speech in your parrots,say “hungry” and “thirsty” every time you refill the bird’s food or water bowls.

With the passage of time,your bird will pick up the meanings of these words as well.It will start letting you know orally when it is ready for a snack.

4.Your Favorite song

Another interesting way to encourage speech in your parrot is to teach it a part of your loved songs.It is bird’s nature that they enjou music.Many birds starts dancing too when they hear the music.

You can start with one line and see how far your bird can build on it.You can also try to learn a song together. It will be more fun for both of you.

5.Pretty bird

Pretty bird phrase is very popular amongst the pet bird owners who are trying to teach their birds to talk.For example “hello”,”pretty bird” is a small phrase that almost every bird seems it interesting.

Never expect multi-word phrases from your parrot until it masters single words.The only way to help your pet bird master words and phrases is through repetition.The bird is mimicking you and the ideal way to mimic anything is to hear again and again.

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