Birds are such social creatures that many owners love their pets to be with them at mealtime. No doubt sharing food with your bird is fun and can be awesome for your pet’s emotional health.Do remember one thing that there are many common human being foods that can be poisonous to your bird.So owners should know which foods are good for sharing and which are not good.


Chocolate is delicious treat to share with your human family members,but it can be dangerous to your pet bird.First side effect of chocolate is that it affects the bird’s digestive system.It causes vomiting and diarrhea to your pet bird.As the situation progresses,the bird’s central nervous system is damaged,first resulting seizures and ultimately death.

2.Apple Seeds

Apples contain trace amounts of cyanide within their seeds.But the fruit of apple is good for your pet bird.So be aware to the apple seeds.Also thoroughly wash any apple pieces that you share with your pet bird,in order to avoid exposure to these toxins.


All living creatures need normal amount of sodium in their systems.Too much in take of salt can cause health problems in birds.These health problems include excessive thirst,kidney dysfunction and death.

So always keep an eyes on the number of salty foods that your bird eat.


Mushrooms are a kind of fungus.They have been known to drive digestive problems in pet birds.Caps and stems of few types can lead to liver failure.So never let your birds eat raw or cooked mushrooms.

5.Tomato Leaves


Tomato is a tasty fruit.It is fine as a treat for your pet bird.The stems,leaves and vines of tomatoes are dangerous to your pet bird.

When you give your bird a tomato.Always make sure that it has been cleaned properly.It should be sliced with green parts removed so tht your pet bird will get safe to toxins.As tomatoes contain high acidic content,therefore they are not the good option.There are many other vegetables besides tomatoes that you can give your bird.



The pit and skin of this famous fruit is known to cause cardiac distress and ultimate heart failure in the pet birds.So try to keep guacamole and other avocado products as much away from pet birds as possible.


harmful food

Caffeinated drinks like tea,soda,coffee are very famous among people.Allowing your birds to drink these can be very dangerous. Caffeine results cardiac malfunctions in birds and is related with increased heart beat,arrhythmia,cardiac arrest and hyperactivity.

Rather,share a healthy drink like pure fruit or vegetable juice or your can give your bird a fresh smoothies. This will be good for your birds taste buds and will meet your bird’s nutritional requirements as well.



Limited amounts of onion or garlic powders as relishing are normally acceptable. Extreme intake of onions can cause vomiting,diarrhea and other digestive problems.It is also discovered that extended exposure can drive to a blood condition called hemolytic anemia,which is followed by respiratory distress and later death.

9.Dried Beans


Cooked beans are favorite of many pet birds.Raw dry beans can be very harmful to your pet birds.Uncooked beans contain a poison names hemagglutinin,which is really toxic to birds.

So always fully cook any beans that you select to share with your pet bird and avoid leaving dried beans in an easy available area.



Qualified bird owners would never offer their pet an alcoholic drink.Alcohol effects the organ system of birds.It can be fatal.

Every time alcohol is drinked in your home.Keep it away from your pet birds.It is better that you secure your pet bird in it’s cage.

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