Birds are not only capable of getting depressed but prolonged depression can lead to other problems .If you find that your bird is depressed.Compare its behavior with the points listed down below.Symptoms pointing to depression may tell that you require to change something about your bird’s environment.

Appetite Loss


It could be a symptom of different types of problems in pet birds.However,one big barometer is appetite loss.Birds have very fast metabolism,so it is very important to know it quickly if your bird stops eating.So,if you notice that your pet’s food intake has changed for two days.You must take an appointment with your vet to find out the matter.


The biggest and very easily noticeable sign that a bird is depressed is a sudden change in mood.Often,this manifests itself as aggression. Aggression can be some times seasonal and associated to hormonal issues. Continuous out of character behavior might be a sign that your bird is extremely unhappy.If you notice this type of behavior the safe side is to consult a vet.If your bird has a clean physical health,the you should note what is going on in your bird’s life that could have caused this behavior.

Feather Plucking


When a bird begins feather plucking,it can lead to devastating problem.It is ideal to get your bird checked if you notice bald patches on your bird.When you are satisfied that there is not medical problem,then you should figure out why your bird is plucking feather.Many birds begin to pluck out of boredom or when they are not getting social interaction.So spending most of your time with your bird daily may be what your pet needs mostly.

Change In Vocalization


No body knows better than you about your bird.Because owner gets pretty familiar with the frequency and kinds of vocalizations that his or her bird makes daily.So,if you notice a change in the voclizations that your bird is making,then it might be a sign that your pet is having depression.Many birds scream out of boredom too.So if your bird is louder than noraml routine then it may be a sign that your pet bird want to spend more time interacting with you.

Stress Bars

One more indicator that your bird is depressed is the presence of stress bars on your bird’s feathers.Stress bars are not health concern,they tell you about the problems with your bird’s over all life quality.If you notice stress bars on your pet.Have a look at your bird’s diet,playing routine,environment and interaction with you.If you think that some areas could be improved,step things up and check if you can te;; the difference in the way your pet bird feels and looks.

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