Bird lover really want the people to know how smart and speacial their pet birds are.The best way to show off your feathered freind’s talent is to teach your bird some cool tricks that can impress anyone.It may seem difficult to teach your bird at first.But if you begin with easy tricks you will be amazed at how easy it cab be to teach your pet bird cool tricks.These trick will delight all ages of people.Always keep in mind that time,practice and patience are essential to teach your bird cool tricks.

1.Teach Your Pet “Step up” Command


The step up command is the basic command that you can teach your pet.This command must be taught to all pet birds.It is important to start any training regimen by teaching your pet bird this trick first.This command is very handy during cage cleaning time and many other aspects of bird owner ship.I would suggest you to start working on this important command as soon as possible.

2.Teach Your Pet To Say Hello


After your bird has learnt the step up command.You can now move on to teach your bird a very cute trick i.e how to wave hello!This is one of the easiest and quickest tricks that you can teach your bird.Keep this in mind that for this trick make sure your bird knows how to step up command already.Keep some tasty treats near by you to encouarge your featherd friend for his or her trick training success.

3.Teach Your Bird To Talk


The most beloved tricks for parrorts to perform is their ability to learn to speak human words.There are different techniques that are famous for teaching a parrot how to speak human words.The best general rule is that patience and repetition .Keep this in mind that not all bird speciies have the ability to speak words.Begin training your bird with a positive attitude.With alot of practice your bird will one day suprise you with comprehensive vocabulary.They might even talk on the phone or sing as well.

4.”Potty Train” Your Bird


Alot of people will say that it is not possible to “potty train” a bird.It is, no doubt.But You can teach your bird to use the bath room on command in a place that you choose.It is way easier to do than it may look.

5.Create Your Own Birds Tricks With Clicker Training


The most widely accepted training methods used on animals of all species is clicker training.Clicker training is easy to do.It can literally be performed by any pet owner.Clicker training is cheap,fun and easy.The clicker is used to let the bird know that what it has done is correct.  Clicker training can be used to help solve behavior problems like screaming or biting.Down below link is on how to clicker train your bird.

How To Clicker Train Your Bird

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