Facts About African Grey Parrots

African Grey parrots are beautiful birds, besides their beauty they are capable of amassing vocabularies of up to 1,000 words or even more, and using the words that they learn to speak in context? These birds are very intelligentThe best part is, that it is not the only thing that makes the African Grey parrot unique. Read this article to discover a few of the most interesting and amusing facts about African Grey parrots. Learning more about these incredible birds may inspire you to get involved with the species in a larger capacity, be it through adoption, research, or conservation.

1.Types of African Grey parrots:

Facts About African Grey Parrots

While all kinds of African grey parrots look alike, there are two different types and a couple of lesser-known​ subspecies of this most loved bird. The most famous and ordinary is the Congo African grey. The Congo African grey is the largest of the African grey parrots.They have lighter gray color in its plumage, They have a solid black beak. The second most common kind is the Timneh African grey, which was recognized as a species in 2012. The Timneh African grey is a bit smaller than the Congo,Its feathers are darker in color. Another determing characteristic of the Timneh grey is that it has a horn-colored upper mandible instead of a black one. Regardless of their differences, both of these kinds of African grey parrots make awesome pets, and both are intelligent.

2.African grey parrot could be bit difficult:

Facts About African Grey Parrots

As they are so intelligent, African grey parrots form very powerful bond with their owners .They are quite emotionally needy. Due to this trait, they do best with owners who can give rich time to handling and socializing with them regularly. To keep muscles strog ,African parrots require a lot of exercise.For this purpose,they should spend some hours daily out side of theirs cages.

3.African Parrot have long life:

African grey parrots live for up to 80 years in custody, so ihose who keep them can commit to a lifetime of living with this bird. African grey parrots are too emotionally sensitive to be able to handle being bounced from owner to owner, but sadly many of them do have many homes throughout their lifetimes. You can help to put a stop to situations like these by helping to educate people about African grey ownership, and by making sure that you set a good example for bird owners who might be interested in adopting such a parrot.

4.They are hard to keep occupied:

African grey parrots require alot of mental stimulation to be healthy and happy .For this,they should be given a variety of toys to play with.Or else ,they can go to distructive behavior and build unpleasant habits that might need professional intervention.

5.Most intelligent species:

African parrots are the most intelligent pet bird species.Recently research has been done on the mental capacity of African parrots by scientists all around the world.The most popular is the work that dr. Irene Pepperberg did with her African grey parrot named Alex.Using Alex and other African greys in research tests focusing on conversation.She proved that not only African grey parrots learn an amazing amount of human words,they can also be taught to use those words in the context to communiate with owners.It is said that these birds have a mental capacity of five year old human being.

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