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There are many things that you can do to help your pet bird gain weight.The very first thing that must be done if you notice weight loss in your bird is to get an appointment with your veterinary doctor to get a full checkup done as soon as possible. A number of serious health problems can be the reason of weight loss in birds, and in order to preserve your pet’s health, any noticeable drop in weight should be thoroughly investigated by a licensed veterinarian to rule out any illness or disease.

1.Find out the reason

Possibilities are that your veterinarian will be able to identify a reason for your bird’s weight loss andsuggest a course of action for you to get your pet bird back to a healthy weight. If this happens, of course, you should listen to your veterinarian’s advice. However, if no problem or illness is identified in your pet bird, it may just need a change in diet in order to get back to a healthy and ideal body condition. Providing larger amounts of some of your bird’s favorite food may be all that’s needed to stimulate your pet bird’s appetite.

Diet that gain weight

One food that has been know for heavy punch of both calories and nutrition is peanut. Mostly all birds love them. Giving a number of peanuts in your bird’s diet will boost your pet’s protein and fat intake, and will help your pet bird to gain weight. But be careful not to overdo it—birds are notably picky eaters, and many have been noted to pick through their bowls and eat only their favorite items, even when they’re given a mix of great variety. This can cause nutritional weeknesss and this is one reason grained diet are widely recommended as a staple for exotic birds.

One more thing that you can do to help your bird gain some weight is to provide some extra sunflower seeds .They are rich in fat and protein, these tasty little seeds are almost favorite ofall birds .Birds will love to eat them.

Millet spray is also favorite among pet birds and is also a very rich calorie treat that could help your pet bird gain weight. Warning should be used to avoid feeding too much millet, however—while it can help your bird pack on weight,but it is not as nutritious as some other choices may be, and contains what you could refer to as “empty” calories. To make this treat  more nutritious, you might try incorporating it into a recipe like ​a birdie bread. The added ingredients will help you make sure that your pet bird is getting good variety of important minerals and vitamins.

Purchase a bird scale and keep a note of your bird’s weight every day. Any time you note a fluctuation from your bird’s normal weight amounting to an ounce or more in either direction, your best bet is to check with your family vet to make sure that your bird’s diet is right. Failure to do so could have devastating effects on your pet bird.

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