Shipping a Pet Bird Through the Mail

Willing to adopt a pet bird,but the bird you want to purchase is very far away from you? you must be thinking ,how that bird will be shipped to you. In short, shipping a bird is not a fine decission.There are many reasons why it is not safe.In this article we will take a look at the risks involved with shipping a bird,and check the possible outcomes of having one shipped to you.

Bird Features

All kinds of birds are very intelligent and sensitive.Some bird species have been tested and found that they possess the mental and emotional capacities of small human child.Will you put a child in a dark box and ship him/her to a new place? Probably not!

birds get stressed easily.So,shipping can be really harmful .Shipping can cause death too.On other hand stress can effect bird’s immune system,making them far more prone to illness and disease.Beside common disorders they may also refuse to eat,which can cause quick weight loss and danger of death,especially in younger birds.Shipping crates are not that clean and birds are naturally hygienic creatures,so they can get ifections if they are forced to be in contact with dirt and droppings.Just think about a bird that is shipped to you and when it arrives at your place you find it with illness and other disorders.Then at this point ,not only you would be responsible for takinga care of sick bird .But You would also be putting your self,your family and your pets at risk of getting sick.

Stressful Situation

Stress can also have other unwanted effects on a bird. Think about the fact that many pet birds, when stressed or wounded, build a habit of feather plucking. This is very harmful behavior.It not only marks neurological harm in a pet bird but could leave them a naked, pitiful mess if they pluck all of their feathers out. In return ince again bird can get sick.Some times mental and emotional injury is so severe that they do not recover fully and pluck their feathers for whole life.

A last reason for not shipping a bird is because, during the shipping process, the bird could get exposed to various factors that could take damage his or her health, aside from illness and stress.While there are shipping services that will ship live animals, it is unlikely that their employees are trained to respond to the specialized needs of a bird, which can make things even more risky if something goes wrong.


The best thing you can do if you are looking at adopting a bird is either pick the bird up yourself so that you can monitor your new feathered friend and attend to his or her needs while you go back home, or find a bird that near to you. It is usually fairly easy to find a local bird breeder, and more easier to carry a bird from a few towns over rather than a few states away or even further. Another advantage of selecting a bird near is that if you have any questions about your bird you can easily ask the is undoubtedly the ideal choice for those who are new pet bird keepers.In this way you will be able to get all kind of help,while you are getting used to living with your new pet bird.

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