Things to Know Before Adopting a Pet Bird

There are many aspects of keeping a bird that some people do not know until they bring their bird home.They then realize that bird ownership was more of a lifestyle adjustment then they expected.You really want a pet bird,in fact that you have already picked out a name,chosen a location for its cage and fully researched your favorite species.Down below are ten tips regarding what it really takes to care for a bird on daily basis.

Things to Know Before Adopting a Pet Bird

Down below are ten things to know before adopting a pet bird

1.Get Rid of Unsafe Cookware

Non stick cook ware are un safe for birds.These cook ware coating gives off a toxic,unscented fume when heated,which can kill a bird within minutes.This especially occurs when the cook ware is heated to a very high temperature.So if your are thinking to bring a bird into your home,get rid of non stick cook ware and purchase pots and pans made of stainless steel or any other material that is safe for birds.

2.No Smoking at home

Smoking is as bad for birds as it is for humans.Always smoke out side the house.Always wash your hands before handing your pet bird,if you smoked.The lingering smell on your clothing and any items within your home can have a bad impact on your bird’s health as well.

3.Say Goodbye to Candles and Air Freshners

Scented candles,air freshners,cleaning supplies and other chemical products are not good for your bird’s health.Birds have very sensitive respiratory systems.Due to their sensitive respiratory system they are easily irritaed by chemicals and fumes.This can some times cause death to birds if the quantity ad substance the bird inhaled is too much.

4.Make routine to get up early morning

If you do not cover bird’s cage with heavy cloth,birds will get up as the sun rise.Even if you do cover ,they will normally wake up when they start hearing noises like outdoor birds noices.They love to start their days brigh and early and they expect same from you too.So get prepared to make your sleep and wake up schedule according to your bird’s routine.Your bird will require resh food and water after getting up.

5.Remove Toxic Houseplants

Many house plants are toxic to birds.For example amaryllis flowers,lilies,philodendron and shamrocks.Don’t think that your bird will not investigate plants because it does not seem curious.If you really like plants and want to have plants at home as well then you can choose bird-safe plant options, such as the spider plant or African violet.

6.Watch what you wear

Shiny objects attract birds.So,it is ideal to remove jewelry or any clothes with beads or other shiny things to protect your self and your pet

7.Plan to spend alot of time with your bird

If you bring a tame bird at your home,you can be sure that alot of time,effort and energy went into shaping the bird personality.To hold the fruits of that labor to must handle and spend alot of time with your bird.Some birds need daily socialization with their humans for their mental and physial health.

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8.Compromise with noise

Birds make alot of sounds during their walking hours.And there is no way to get them quiet if they don not want to .Large birds produce loudest vocalizations.On the other hand even small birds can utter constant noise.So if you want a bird,you wil have to compromise with their noises.

9.Invest in a Good Vacuum

Birds can be really messy. Large species tend to make the most mess just because of their size, but even small birds can scatter food and feathers far and wide. In these cases, you will need to sweep or vacuum daily. A good vacuum that can suck up the little bits of food and feathers will make your life a way easier.

10.Don’t Assume Your Bird Will Be a Social Butterfly

Birds are generally flight animals, but that doesn’t mean they love everyone. While certain species are prone to becoming “one-person birds,” it can happen to any bird, particularly if only one person cares for it. If you want a bird, it’s necessary that everyone participates in the bird’s care and socialization. Otherwise, your pet might play favorites and even become territorial over one person.

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