As compare to dogs and cats ,parrots and pet birds need specialized methods of care that many pet bird owners do not know. Handling a bird is a way different from handling a domesticated animal. If it is not handled correctly ,it can be dangerous for both the bird and owner.

1.Never Squeaze a bird

Tips for Handling pet birds

Sometimes it is necessary to hold a bird strongly,if their nails need trimming or perform another kind of necessary procedure.Always remember that it is not safe to squeeze a bird.

Birds have very delicate bodies.If you squeeze bird too much ,it can cause broken bones, organ damage and other problems that can lead to severe injury or bird’s un expected death.Never put too much pressure on any part of bird’s body.

2.Teach Your Bird To Step Up

Tips for Handling pet birds

Teaching your bird to step up can go a long way toward helping you handle your bird safely.Birds who reject to step onto their owners’s fingers often need to be grabbed when it is time to put them in cage.

If you are bird does not know this command then you must begin teaching him this command as soon as possible.It is the first most important thing that you can teach your pet bird.

3.Don’t let your bird sit on your shoulders

Tips for Handling pet birds

Movies and Tv shows often show parrots on their owner’s shoulders.For some reasons this is not good because even the tamest and friendliest birds can bite if they get startled or upset.

Letting a bird to sit on your shoulder puts them at face level with you.You can avoid this kind of accident by holding your bird on your hand or forearm at a good distance from your face and ears.

4.Always keep your bird’s clipped

Tips for Handling pet birds

When it comes to handling your bird safely,clipping your bird’s wings can help a great deal.Birds with clipped wings soon learn that they can not fly.So they will become totally dependent on their owners.

Birds who are not clipped may be prone to take flight when they are holded,leading owners to grab at them out of instinct.As birds are physically fragile,this can lead to severe injuries.You can minimize this by clipping your bird’s wings.

5.Keep your jewellery and accessroies out of bird’s range

One last thing to keep in mind while learning to hold a bird safely is that birds love biting and picking at small things like rings,necklaces,ear rings etc. are irresistible to them. Make sure to remove all jewelry before handling your bird.Always keep some safe bird toys close to your hand to keep your pet distracted.

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