It is very important to pay close attention to foods that you are giving your pet bird.As bird’s health is totally dependent on his or her diet.Fresh vitamin rich foods are the best way to provide your pet with health foods. Check out the tasty fresh foods given down below.These foods will build up the vitamin content in your pet bird’s diet and pay off in terms of very good health for your bird.

1.Leafy Greens

Vitamin-Rich Foods for Pet Birds

Leafy greens like spinach,kale ,lettuce etc are full of nutrients.Parrots love to eat leafy greens as well as fruits and nuts.Spinach is a very good example of leafy greens.It is full of beneficial omega 3 fatty acids.They are very good for a bird’s health skin and feathers.These vegetables are major part of balanced nutrition for pet birds.


Vitamin-Rich Foods for Pet Birds

Melons are very healthy fruits for pet birds.Melons including cantaloupe,watermelon,pumpkin,honeydew melon are full of fiber, which is good for your bird’s digestive tract.As melons are rich in vitamin c as well,which is good for your pet’s healthy immune system.You can cut pieces of seedless melon and offer it to your bird.You can also add melons in your pet bird treat receipes ,in this way they will get nutrients of melon too.

3.Beans and Sprouts

Beans and sprouts are very healthy for pet birds.They are fun for pet birds to eat and delicious as well.You can add beans in fruits to attarct your birds.If your bird does not like eating beans then sprouts is another option.they are full of nutrients as well.You can make your own sprouts at home by simply putting few seeds from your bird’s daily seed mix into the fold of a wet paper towel and put it on a windowsill.After a day or two,you will have fresh health sprouts ready for your pet bird.


Vitamin-Rich Foods for Pet Birds

Carrots are very good for pet birds.They are rich in vitamins.Carrots are good for eyes health which is essential for parrots and other birds.Eating carrots also make birds jaw muscles strong.Always wash every food thoroughly before giving them to your bird,so that they do not get ill.Oganics carrots are ideal for your pets if you want to prevent the exposure to chemicals and pesticides.


Vitamin-Rich Foods for Pet Birds

Dark coloured fruits like berries are rich sources of antioxidants.Berries are very good for your bird’s immune and regulatory systems.They taste delicious so your feather pet birds wil enjoy eating .It is fine to give your pet berries few time in a week.Just be careful not over feed your birds with berries as they are rich in natural shugar content,which can cause health issues in some birds.

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